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Minoan E.C.

Minoan Energy community in Crete has already implemented its first solar PV park. Their new project will also provide free
shares or participation to 60 low income households that were heavily affected by the recent earthquakes at Archalochori,

Funding goal
156,578.00 EUR


FREE SOLAR Pilot Project – Thessaly, Greece (Phase 1)

The FREE SOLAR project by Genervest aims to help potentially thousands of households in Greece in obtaining their own PV residential system with favourable financing terms. Karditsa Energy Community (ESEK) is running FREE SOLAR’s first pilot project in the region of Thessaly for 20 households. ESEK will act as the project’s Genervestee and use the funds to install the residential PV systems in selected households. The pilot project will be implemented in two phases. The first phase involves the first 8 households. This offering involves the full turn-key solution for the first 8 residential systems, which includes the equipment, connection, and installation costs.

Funding goal
85,000 EUR


Kaboni Electrification Program, Burundi (Phase 2)

A pilot mini-grid with a 14.4 kW solar PV system and 27kWh LFP battery is being built in Giharo, Rutana province, Burundi and will be the first European style energy community in Burundi. During the first round of Genervest funding all procurement for major items for the system was completed. The implementation phase is now taking place and the network build is expected to be complete by the end of May along with the installation of the solar PV system including the inverters and batteries. In addition, a community building used to house the energy system, technicians and stores will be renovated. The solar PV system will supply high quality, clean, productive use of 220V AC electricity. Everyone will be connected and payments for electricity used, and the purchase of the system will be made via cash and/or mobile money payments, in advance, with customer use and supply controlled by smart meters.

Funding goal
25,000 EUR


Kaboni Electrification Program (Phase 1)

Burundi, one of the poorest countries in the world, faces severe constraints in electricity supply. Kaboni Electrification Project will connect hundreds of thousands of people and businesses to high quality, consistent, clean electricity in the country. Invest in its first, pilot step and help up to 250 homes and businesses get access to clean energy in the town of Giharo.

The funding has closed and the implementation in Giharo has started. By February 2023, clean electricity will start to flow to the local households.

Funding goal
53,821.00 EUR


Hyperion E.C.

Hyperion energy community has achieved its investment goal and will soon produce its own solar energy for its members, significantly reducing their electricity bills. Unfortunately, this project is cancelled due to delays and capacity constraints on its local grid. The energy community will be creating an new solar PV park in another location.

Funding goal
40,000 EUR


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