About Us


Genervest was founded by Greenpeace Greece in 2019 to support the democratic and sustainable development of distributed clean energy systems and energy communities. We want to give the people the power to stop climate change.

We support projects in Europe and Africa with technical, business development, communications strategy, capacity building and funding assistance. We aim to cover the full spectrum of project, community and developer needs.

We established a cooperative in Croatia in 2020 that has supported several energy communities in Greece and a mini-grid project in Burundi, Africa. Because funding is a critical block to scaling up for energy communities and most people wanting to install their own small scale energy systems we see supporting funding solutions as a core part of what we need to do.

To enable us to connect people who want to fund projects with people that need funding we submitted an application to the financial regulator (HCMC) in Greece in 2022, for an authorisation to become an EU wide crowdfunding for business service provider according to the new ECSP regulations. We are working with HCMC to complete the requirements for this authorisation and will relaunch with our own new platform after this is authorisation secured, and we have closed the further equity funding we need to allow us to scale up.

We are currently supporting energy communities in Greece and Croatia through the EU Renewable Energy Community Advisory Hub (RECAH) and running a Community Energy Accelerator programme for Greenpeace Africa in South Africa as part of their Precariat Project.

Our Vision

A world where clean renewable energy supplies all our energy needs for everyday life; we have done this just in time to conserve our natural world.

Our Mission

To create a new way to accelerate the energy transition, democratise the energy sector and give the people the power to stop climate change.

Our Values

We believe we, the people, should all be given the power to stop climate change.
Our focus is on ensuring that every decision we make should be focused on you – not us – and that you have everything you need to succeed.

We believe success comes from individual parts and people working together.
So when we make any decision, we need to consider all of its knock-on effects and connections and think about everything holistically.

We believe that obscuring facts and lack of knowledge contributed to climate change.
We’re dealing with community-changing projects, people’s money, and the future of our planet – so we tell the truth.

We believe we’ve got one of the solutions to help stop climate change, and we’re excited about it.
So when we make decisions, we’re guided by the power of our solution – not the negativity of the problems to overcome to get there.

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