About Us

Genervest is a whole new way to invest ethically and socially for our future and earn market rate returns

By joining Genervest SCE and using our members platform, our members can grow their money while supporting renewable energy projects around the world. Genervest is a European Cooperative Society and is not performing crowdfunding services. Once you become a Genervestor (i.e. a member of  Genervest SCE), you can then invest in our projects and help us all to stop climate change and democratise the energy system.

Greenpeace Greece helped us create Genervest to help stop climate change.
The energy transition needs a lot more money than it is getting for it to happen in the timeframe we need it to happen. We need to accelerate the transition, so we have developed a new investment platform where you can invest directly into people’s clean energy projects and businesses by lending them money or investing in their shares. You earn more from your savings and it costs the people less to borrow the money because there is no bank in the middle.


Our Vision

A world where clean renewable energy supplies all our energy needs for everyday life; we have done this just in time to conserve our natural world.

Our Mission

To create a new way to accelerate the energy transition, democratise the energy sector and give the people the power to stop climate change.

Our Values

We believe we, the people, should all be given the power to stop climate change.
Our focus is on ensuring that every decision we make should be focused on you – not us – and that you have everything you need to succeed.

We believe success comes from individual parts and people working together.
So when we make any decision, we need to consider all of its knock-on effects and connections and think about everything holistically.

We believe that obscuring facts and lack of knowledge contributed to climate change.
We’re dealing with community-changing projects, people’s money, and the future of our planet – so we tell the truth.

We believe we’ve got one of the solutions to help stop climate change, and we’re excited about it.
So when we make decisions, we’re guided by the power of our solution – not the negativity of the problems to overcome to get there.

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