Bringing the power of the sun in the centre of knowledge


Indonesia is experiencing a rapid economic growth, followed by an increasing demand for electricity. As the country still relies on fossil fuels for electricity production the impact on the environment and climate is significant. With an abundance of sunny days within the year, solar PV systems offer cleaner, greener and free energy for all. However, there are still many people in the country that don’t know much about it.

That’s why the ATMI (Technical Academy of Industrial Manufacturing) Surakarta takes the lead and in collaboration with the solar energy EPC Company, PT Hijau Makmur Energi (HME) plans to build a 716kW solar rooftop project.

With 50 years of experience and thousands of graduates, ATMI Polytechnic Surakarta, located in Solo city in Central Java, is a world-class center of excellence in vocational education that brings positive change to the Indonesian industrial and vocational world. The solar PV rooftop that we will build with the Polytechnic’s team will cover 32% of the academy’s needs with clean energy and also expand the students’ horizons in the dynamic field of clean energy production!” as Jan Hakema, CEO of HME, noted!

“PT Hijau Makmur Energi (HME) was established in 2020 and has created a vast range of solar water pumps projects and residential solar PV systems in the next two years. We believe that our work must benefit people’s well being as well as our fragile environment. That’s why we have created a portfolio of 22 MW solar rooftop projects that will be implemented in Central Java in the next two years.” Runa Nasafii, HME’s Business Development Manager continues. “Among this is our joint project with ATMI Polytechnic Surakarta. As the Academy has a limited operational budget to develop this solar PV system, we reach out through Genervest to individual investors and other energy communities to support this important project! ”

Invest now in this project, and earn market-rate returns while empowering young people to learn more about clean energy and become highly qualified specialists in this sector.

Why is it important?

The 716kW solar rooftop will generate 1113 kWh/year covering 32% of the academy’s needs in electricity. The project will be implemented by solar energy EPC Company, HME and the required investment is 429 600 USD.

  • 6% annual interest rate
  • 10 years
  • Monthly repayments

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