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Hyperion E.C.

Hyperion Energy Community is fully invested!

Hyperion, the first virtual net-metering energy community in Athens  is fully invested at Genervest’s investment platform! It is a big success for us and for all the people that want to invest ethically and socially directly in renewable energy project owners’ that are working to stop climate change!



The project raised 40,000 euros through investments with a 6% interest rate and soon Chris and the other members of the community will implement their 80kW solar PV park  in Central Greece, which will cover the needs in electricity of about 30 households in Athens including Greenpeace Greece and WWF Hellas offices which participate in the project with their own equity.

We warmly thank all our Genervestors who invested in Hyperion as well as the Copernico energy community from Portugal and the sustainable investment development company Astydama who invested in the project through Genervest’s platform.

Read more about Yperion here and soon we will have news of their first solar PV park implementation!