Creating a strong, clean energy bond


“Renewable energy combines financial incentives with a positive result for the environment and is a driving force for the people of our field and our industry in general. The members of our Energy Communities benefit from the stable returns offered by the investments in RES and at the same time they become practical helpers of the energy transition of our country in the new era of clean energy.” says Kostis Terzis, CEO and founding member of MES energy communities and Panos Zervas, fellow member of the energy community continues: “Our team aims to create such a volume of RES energy projects and at the same time such a management structure that can guarantee the financial stability of the project in the long run. With this vision, people who are environmentally sensitive and understand that energy production today can contribute to both local and national environmental policies and also provide them with a steady income, have no choice but to join an organized group that can guarantee all this.”

Kostis and Panos are co-founders of MES Energy company, a consulting and engineering company for the development, design, financing and implementation of large-scale RES projects as well as the implementation of public contracts for RES applications, energy-saving systems or electric propulsion. Since 2018, with a group of partners and the company’s technical team, they have set up three energy communities consisting of 41 solar PV parks of total power capacity of 23.3 MW, 16 of which (8.5 MW in total) are already constructed and are operating, while 14 solar PV parks (6.7 MW in total) is planned to be constructed within the first semester of the year. The energy communities: Enia, Westco and NorthWestco are located in different regions of Greece including Peloponnese, Central Greece, West Greece and West Macedonia. “Our team embraced the concept of Energy communities from the first moment it was established in our country. The idea that mobilized us was to connect our network of partners by capitalizing on the skills, human network and capital as well as the capabilities of our corporate status (resources and access) under the common goal of developing energy projects across the country. Furthermore, having already a lot of experience in investing in photovoltaic projects as well as in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of energy projects, the idea gained more added value as it had all the necessary “materials” for success.” says Panos.

Their project is part of a much larger one. Photovoltaic projects with a total capacity of 20 MW are ready for construction while another 15 MW photovoltaic and about 30 MW wind farms are under development in these energy communities. As Kostis mentions, “Our goal and dream is to be able to build as many projects as possible within the next two years and to create an organization of people whose activity will benefit all involved: employees, investors, financiers, local community and of course …. the environment!

We also hope that media and new web tools, such as Genervest, will be able to bring people that create clean energy projects together with people who can fund them and share common values. In other words, to become a new tool for the development of small and medium enterprises in the RES market in order to gradually cultivate a new culture of economic cooperation of the people.