Don´t let all that sunshine go to waste!


Sun is beaming stronger every year, electricity prices are increasing by the hour. What if we combine these two truly awful factors and create an amazing opportunity to reduce energy bills and fight climate change simultaneously?

Let us elaborate!

Reality is we have already reached an unsustainable point at a global scale with energy fees soaring and temperatures rising incredibly fast.

This is why Solar Energy is the solution to both, because, isn’t it such a pity to waste all this sunshine, when it could be used to power households and businesses worldwide? Well, instead of it simply forcing us to spend 6 months a year hiding indoors! Phew!

Nowadays, you can find many incredible projects that provide financial support for the installation of solar roofs and the building of solar parks for residents of areas that are particularly in need, called energy communities, which consist of groups of people that share clean energy, in an exchange between equals, but there also affordable solar panel installation possibilities of all sizes and potency for anybody.

We truly recommend doing a quick Google search to find the best options for you, for instance, “solar panels” or “solar panel installation + your city or area”.

Let’s transition to a clean energy future and break free from polluting, expensive fossil fuels together!

If you are interested in also investing in Solar energy projects that will earn you market-rate returns and help communities in need, don’t hesitate to check our open Ethical Investing Opportunities, powered by Greenpeace Greece.