Free Solar

Reduce your electricity bill once and for all

FREE SOLAR is the most effective way to produce your own, free electricity and reduce your bill once and for all!

Your household or business like every residence in Greece is weighed down as energy prices are soaring to record highs. Genervest powered by Greenpeace is here to help you to join the energy transition at zero cost and break free from expensive fossil fuels, thanks to the amazing performance of solar PV and self-consumption in Greece. FREE SOLAR is strongly accelerating the uptake of rooftop solar in Greece with a target of 90,000 households and suitable small and medium-sized enterprises by 2025 and you can become one of the beneficiaries!

A residential self-consumption installation can provide free energy from the sun that can reduce the energy bill by hundreds of euros annually. FREE SOLAR will allow consumers and small or medium-sized enterprises to self-finance the cost of their PV installation without any capital expenditure, based on savings generated by the PV installation once it is functional and generate free solar energy for over 25 years!

Our ambition is to provide solar energy to every Greek citizen and help our country to stop climate change, while contributing to the creation of a fair solar economy for all.

We are starting with our first pilot FREE SOLAR program in the Region of Thessaly and soon we will be near you in other regions of Greece!

The benefits of FREE SOLAR


You will reduce your electricity cost: You can reduce up to 100% of the supply costs from your electricity bills


You are not affected by future price increases: By signing a contract with HEDNO, your solar PV system will produce solar energy for self-consumption, for the next 25 years


You will help tackle climate change: FREE SOLAR provides you with clean, cheap and environmentally friendly technology that helps the country built a future with out fossil fuels


You increase the value of your property: You will upgrade the energy class of your property and its value.


It is an affordable solution for everyone: If you do not have a suitable roof, we can help you find an energy community in your area for virtual net-metering with similar benefits.

How it works

Fill in the form and Genervest will contact the local partner to process your application
We find the best financial and technical solution for you
Your household or business enters the project available for funding from the Genervest platform
Once the financing is completed, the photovoltaic installation and network connection procedures begin

Application form


    I live/work in

    I am an owner or a renter


    How does net-metering work?

    Households and businesses can generate clean renewable energy and reduce electricity bills by eliminating up to 100% the cost of electricity supply for over 25 years. This is possible through net-metering for households and virtual net-metering for energy communities. Net metering is a billing mechanism that offsets power consumed with power produced by a photovoltaic system at a specified period. A residential photovoltaic system during daylight hours produces solar electricity, a part of which is consumed on site instantly and the rest is “stored” to the grid for later use.

    How can a solar PV system reduce my electricity?

    During the day, most solar customers produce more electricity than they consume; net metering allows them to export that extra power to the grid which is then credited to the customer for future use. At the end of a given period of time the offset is made between the total energy that has been produced and consumed. This clearing process offsets all the electricity supply charges for the power that has been produced and consumed. It also offsets some of the regulated tariffs (mainly the grid tariffs) for the part of the electricity that you consumed on site. Therefore after the clearing process, the cost of the supply charges and a part of the regulated tariffs have been removed from your bill.

    How will I self-finance the cost of their PV installation?

    Through its peer-to-peer investment platform, Genervest will let investors – big and small – invest in FREE SOLAR to cover the capital expenditure of the solar PV installation which you can repay at your ease with the savings from your electricity bill once the solar system is operational! You can become a climate hero, join the energy transition, and enjoy the benefits of clean energy in your everyday life.

    How much money am I going to save and how am I going to repay the installation cost?

    It depends on the size of the PV system that fits your energy consumption profile and your available rooftop space. For example, a solar PV system covering the needs of an average household in Greece, can generate savings around EUR 800-900 per year.* Once your application is processed by us, you will know the amount of money that you can save from your electricity bill. During the first years, the bigger part of your savings will be used to repay the investment. But don’t worry, we want you to have more money in your pocket from day one! This means that the payments will cost less than your savings. On average, the repayment period will be around 8-9 years. After that and until the end of the 25-year contract with the grid operator (DEDDIE), all the money will go into your pocket!

    *The figures mentioned above are indicative and are based on the profile of an average consumption of about 5,000 kWh per year with a residential PPC tariff (Γ1) at an average 25-year cost of supply of 0.15 € / kWh. An estimated payback period of the investment using own funds is about 7 years. Periods with higher electricity rates (such as the current one) bring greater financial benefit and a faster payback period. Likewise, higher consumption and / or more expensive tariffs (e.g. commercial tariff) bring equally greater financial benefit and faster payback time. Learn more about net-metering and see specific examples here (in Greek).

    How long does it take for the solar PV system to be functional?

    It can take from 3-9 months for a system to be fully operational. Once the equipment is installed and DEDDIE has connected you to the grid, the PV installation will generate FREE Solar electricity for you.

    Who can apply?

    FREE SOLAR can help residential consumers, small businesses, industries, energy communities, Municipalities and farmers to finance the installation of a solar self-consumption system.

    I don’t live in Thessaly. Can I still apply?

    Our aim is for FREE SOLAR to cover all of Greece in order to facilitate the financing of tens of thousands of households and small businesses. Soon FREE SOLAR will open up for other regions of Greece. If you don’t live in Thessaly but would like to express interest for the near future, you are more than welcome to apply.

    What do I need to apply?

    You must have your name on a utility bill and provide us with some basic information about your household or business. We will then contact you to discuss the best solution for your needs. After that, a solar installer from our network will come to your home and conduct a roof audit to determine whether you are eligible for financing.

    I live in an apartment and/or I rent my house. Can I apply?

    Yes, we will connect you to a Solar Energy producing Energy Community in your region, assist you in self-financing the cost of your connection, and provide you with the same benefits as having a solar PV system on your rooftop even if you move, as long as your house is in the same region!