Genervestees are the people with the energy projects, businesses and ideas that need funding and support. They are our climate change heroes.

More and more people want to help stop the climate crisis, and there are already brave people among us that have identified this opportunity to achieve a better life
and a brighter future for their families and community.
They are leading the way to a democratic energy transition by creating their ownrenewable energy projects. Genervestees are people like you and they need advice and funding.
Financing these types of projects is really important for the clean energy transition and it is often hard to get loans and investment at a cost that makes the project affordable.

Process to secure funding

Sign Up, Create A Genervestee Account And Submit Your Project

You can submit your project for funding to Genervest directly from our investment platform Genervest’s support team will then review your proposal and do a preliminary evaluation. If the project fits in Genervest’s criteria, we will move to the next step right away. Otherwise, Genervest will advise what is required for approval. At this stage, the Project Proposal and Agreement with Terms & Conditions is prepared and shared.

Sign Genervest's Agreement and Terms and Conditions

We will need to evaluate the legal, technical and financial feasibility and maturity of your project. For that reason we will ask you to submit your project’s documents and corporate records. Genervest will advise what is required for approval and guide you to your next step. For more information have a look at the Genervestees Application Tool.


Submit project data and documents in our application tool

At this stage, Genervest’s Support Team will complete a detailed project evaluation (see Genervestees detailed project evaluation guidance notes) and will advise what is required for approval. Once we have completed the project evaluation approval, you will be invited to create the Key Investors Information Sheet (KIIS) with the needed content about the project that will be available on our investment platform. See KIIS example here.

Genervest Investment Committee’s approval

In order to get your project published on Genervest’s investment platform, the following will be needed to get Genervest’s Investment Commitee’s (IC) final approval:

  • An approved KIIS.
  • Final loan contract terms agreed between Genervestee and Genervest SCE and contract approved.
  • Final service agreement (including marketing and advisory services) between Genervestee and Genervest signed.
  • Project’s listing prepared by Genervestee directly on the platform.


Project launch in Genervest Platform

Genervest’s Marketing Communications Team will help you create the content you need for your project and prepare with you your project’s promotion.
Genervest will promote your project accordingly to its members, on its website and social media.
You are also advised to promote your project through social media and to your contacts and Genervest’s Marketing Communications Team will provide you with mentoring if needed. (marketing support is a supplemental option).

Become a Genervestee

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