Be a Genervestor and invest in our future

By putting some of your savings into Genervestee’s projects and businesses you can earn better returns than you would from a bank and help stop climate change.

We have set up a European Cooperative Society (SCE) and by joining this you can invest directly into our Genervestee’s projects and businesses. All the Genervestees we are working with are carefully selected, with good, environmentally friendly, energy transition projects needing funding, and we know them well.

We make every effort to ensure your investment is safe

Our first renewable energy investments are all being developed by well established companies, unions and some newer cooperatives and energy communities.

Genervest helps you invest in this growing energy sector in the most effective way. Once you have become a member of the Genervest Cooperative you can choose which projects you like and invest directly into them. Everything is automated and your returns will be repaid according to how much you have invested.