Harnessing the abundant, good energy of the Sun


“Having worked for over 13 years in the field of Renewable Energy Sources, I know by experience that creating an energy community is a win-win situation! A solar park constructed with the right specifications and quality equipment, combined with a good insurance contract, can ensure a long-term (at least 20 years) return on its member and investors money, with almost no risk.” says Nektarios, an economist and one of two founders of HELIOSRES, company that has designed, supplied, installed and maintained many Photovoltaic and Hybrid energy systems.

Join Nektarios

GOOD ENERGY is an energy community created in 2019 by them and their friends, partners and close collaborators that will soon create a network of 8 solar farms around the Region of Attica that will provide 7.8 MW of clean energy to its members. They have already implemented by themselves a 1 MW Photovoltaic power station in the area of Lamia, Central Greece! ! It will produce 1.500.000 green kW and save1.300 tons of CO2  emissions annually. “This means that the energy produced by a power plant like this meets the annual energy needs of around 200 households!”, Nektarios notes.

Their projects are under development but financing it has not been an easy process: “A PV project of such power requires the allocation of significant funds. Equity is usually not enough, so investors turn to borrowing. Banks have financing solutions available which, of course, require important personal equity guarantees as well as heavy equipment and contract collateral.”