How to invest

Invest step by step with Genervest

Are you looking for an investment in clean energy? One that will help us build a sustainable future without fossil fuels, empower people to take initiatives and strengthen local communities? And all this combined with better returns than your usual investment? Genervest is made for you! It helps you invest directly in people’s projects and have control on where your money goes in the most simple and secure way.

In order to make it even more easier and clear, we will walk you through the investment process step by step!

How to register

It’s simple and safe: You can join Genervest Energy Cooperative by signing up at Genervest’s investment platform using your Google or LinkedIn account or by creating a username and password. You will also need to add your contact details to become a member of Genervest SCE and a verified user of the platform.

Just click here and you can register, create a personal virtual wallet and then decide on how to spread your money into different projects, or maybe just start off with one.

How to use your virtual wallet

Your wallet is like a bank account! You can deposit and withdraw as and when you want to on the “Wallet” tab on the left. In order to make a deposit and start investing, you will be asked to provide your identification documents and proof of address to ensure that your account and investments are safe and secure, so make sure you have them (ID, driving licence or passport, utility bills, bank statement) close by.

How to deposit?

You can deposit funds to your wallet from any bank and there is no limit. Just go to the “wallet” tab and add your bank account. This will help us link your deposit to your wallet as soon as the funds are received. Then you will need to click the “Add Funds” button. You can then notify us of the amount you want to deposit and find Genervest’s bank account details. As soon as you click “Confirm”, we will send you an email with all details so you can make this transaction. Copy them and use them when you make the deposit via your bank. 

Depending on your bank, it may take up to 48 hours for your funds to arrive and they may charge you for the transaction, but we won’t charge you anything!

Now you are ready to invest in a future without fossil fuels!

How do we select projects for you?

Everything you may want to know about each Genervestee’s project is on the platform, from the project description and the team that is preparing it, to the business plan and due diligence! Our projects are located in various places and offer different terms, depending on their technology, size, financial needs and risk.

Each Genervestee and project goes through due diligence and an approvals process and receives the appropriate assistance from our Support Team to get it funding ready (get the required permits, licences and approvals, finish the business model etc.). Finally, the investment opportunities must receive Genervest’s investment committee approval to get listed on the Platform.

How to invest

Once you’ve made your choice, you are a few clicks away from completing your investment:  just go to the project’s listing and click “Invest”. You need to enter the amount you want to invest and confirm your investment after reading our Risk Warning. Just like that: simple and secure!

Once we process your investment, you will receive in reply an email that verifies your investment with a copy of the project’s listing details and loan agreement. When the target is reached, and the final contracts completed, your investment will be finalised under the conditions contained in the listing details attached to your email confirmation. Genervestees will be ready to pave the way to a brighter and just future for all of us!

You can rethink and withdraw your investment at any time until 5 days after the project closes funding!

When do you get your money back

Every project will be online for a specific period (usually 3-6 months) during which our members will be able to select them for investment.

Genervestors funds will be transferred to Genervestees when the funding period is over and Genervestees have secured all licences and approvals. You can read all about this at the “Due diligence and Technical information” part in each project listing.

Genervestees will then sign the final loan agreement with Genervest. We will send it to you right away along with all needed information and your repayment schedule. You will start getting your money back in your wallet according to the repayment schedule and you can withdraw your funds any time and deposit them to your bank account.

If the investment goal is not reached or the investment does not close for any other reason, we will notify you and your funds will immediately be transferred back to your wallet with no charges.