How we got here


Genervest is a holistic approach to accelerating the energy transition. It combines three critical components: Genervest SCE’s platform, support teams and a foundation to underpin everything. The Genervest concept was developed over several years and emerged from Greenpeace International’s Greenpeace Renewable Energy Initiative. This initiative had been conceived by Mokshanand Dowarkasing as a holistic approach to accelerating clean energy access and development in Africa while stopping the new development of fossil fuel-based energy systems across the continent.

Phillip Stovold was brought in to help make this happen, and as we worked with many stakeholders and Greenpeace offices in other countries it became clear the issues stopping the energy transition were similar everywhere. We extended our scope to develop a holistic solution that could accelerate the energy transition and catalyse clean energy development everywhere. We wanted this to be people powered and also drive the democratisation of the new energy system. We saw that money could flow from North to South, people could fund other people directly, and expertise could be provided in the same place as affordable funding.

Genervest was ready to be created

Ignacio Navarro, from Greenpeace Greece, developed the GET-KIT concept. This was designed to provide renewable energy cooperatives and developers with everything they needed to complete the approvals processes for projects. This was incorporated into the concept as our support team so we can help people get their projects ready, and as an automated approvals process so we can manage many transactions efficiently.

Many of our lovely friends at Greenpeace Greece are helping us.

Martha Gatsinou coordinates our communication and promotion and Takis Grigoriou and George Petrogiannis offer us valuable advice and support. Paul Willoughby and James Pullin from the design agency Human After All fleshed out Genervest with their talent and creativity.

After many months of preparation during which we met the amazing people who are today our first Genervestees, Genervest is here. It is an investment tool for those who want to invest responsibly and for those who are looking for financing to carry out their own project.