Everybody benefits by making the most of the sun


“We know first hand that energy poverty will not be eclipsed and substitution of fossil fuels will not be implemented rapidly, unless energy consumers in large numbers come together and pioneer in the electricity generation from Renewable Energy Sources (RES). MAZI Energy Community’s goal is to be able to expand our renewable energy portfolio with proportional expansion of our ability to provide for our local communities and – through that – for the ecosystem we all live in!”, says Kostas founding member of MAZI Energy Community and a legal and energy expert, that among others participated in the drafting of the first ever PV Law in Greece (2005) and in the licensing (directly and indirectly) of more than 430MW of RES projects in Greece. 

MAZI is an Energy Community established by PV developers and engineers specialized in Renewable Energy. They will soon implement the construction of 18 solar PV parks that will provide 12,5 MW of clean energy in the area of Thessaloniki, Northern Greece. Its members will benefit economically by securing long-term steady income flows for their families and also cover all energy needs of three distinct local social institutions.  Finally, their aim is to evolve further and expand with future plans for added capacity of renewable energy.

“The economic environment is volatile, especially in a pandemic scenery as the one we all live in. Our business, PV projects with guaranteed feed-in-tariff, provide for great investment security. They offer a well and easily projected cash-flow with a very good revenue stream and genervestors’ investments will generate up to ten (10) times more profit as compared to deposit interest.”, Kostas stresses out. “ But apart from the obvious economic profit, there is the added and priceless value of contributing to the preservation of our common home: the Earth! Knowing that they will participate in a cause that prolongs life and prosperity on our planet, by substituting fossil fuels with renewable energy. Last but not least, Genervest will indirectly support the supply of energy to three distinct local social institutions, as our Energy Community has pledged to finance, construct and deliver three net-metering systems covering 100% of the energy needs of three such institutions in the area of DRYMOS, MELISSOCHORI & LITI of the Municipality of OREOKASTRO THESSALONIKI, GREECE.”

As Kostas mentions, “Life is short and we need to make every day count regarding our fight for happiness, equality, prosperity and progress through greater social contribution deriving from every economic activity and preservation of our natural environment, our planet, our home.” By supporting MAZI to implement its solar PV parks, you are making an investment of a high social and economic value!