Embrace the future of urban mobility


Ilektra is the first Greek-made “smart” electric scooter that Elias Nassiopoulos, a former structural analyst on the Force India Formula 1 team, and his team of talented and passionately disruptive engineers designed.

“Smart, customizable and chargeable anywhere, it is here to help make our cities “greener” and with your help it will hit the roads this year”.

“Embrace  the future of urban mobility.”

“That was one of my biggest dreams after having worked in Formula 1 and as a senior analyst in the UK, having met the best engineers in world-class facilities and some amazing people! I took a leap of faith to return home and create my own team to pursue it, a team of talented and passionately disruptive engineers,”says Elias Nassiopoulos, founder and CEO of GIVE,  a design and engineering company based in Athens.

Project Ilektra is the first Greek-made “smart” electric scooter that challenges the way we move inside our cities through innovation, creative design and cutting edge technology. With three detachable, portable battery packs that you can charge anywhere, ilektra can provide 180km of urban driving experience for 2 riders on a single charge and a max speed of 80km/h. It gives a taste from the future with a one-touch keyless start, plug n’ ride, an 8’’ LCD display, on-board navigation system, GPS tracking and an anti-theft protection system.

“Ilektra is also the only vehicle to always learn, optimize itself and check its health status, as well as predict any possible upcoming damages. Vehicle electrification must not be a switch from IC engines to electric powertrain, rather an opportunity for a paradigm shift towards sustainable, smarter, and more efficient mobility. And ilektra was designed just for that.” says Elias.

“Completed and supported through the business innovation concept: “You design, We make, Together we operate”, we allow every customer to design online his/hers fully customized vehicle delivered at his/hers doorstep, while the technology will allow GIVE to remain close to each rider, always improving the experience and taking care of the vehicle. With a unique assembly process and with reduced number of parts, ilektra is a smart device with user-centric technology to its core, without however the cost penalty that also reduces the manufacturing energy needs to more than 50% compared to a traditional assembly line. Moreover every driver saves the world approximately 390 kg of CO2 every year, a number that accumulates to almost 10 thousand tonnes in the next 5 years for the whole ilektra community.”