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Lifting the weight of energy costs

“As an AgriFood professional in a regional Agricultural Cooperative and as a farmer myself, I came to realize how cost-saving limiting energy consumption costs would be for local farmers and for the complete value chain from farm to fork. Limiting energy poverty would also assist enormously the rural area growth of Central Greece.” says Anastasia Kitsikopoulou, one of the founding members of Atlas Citizens Energy Community.


Atlas Citizens Energy Community is a brand new initiative established in 2020, by a team of citizens and farmers in Central Greece. They joined forces with the common goal of contributing to the transition to a decentralized, fairer and more sustainable energy system.

They will be creating a 1 MW solar park in 2021 in the region of Lamia. The project will benefit the members of the Energy Community, their families and the local community as a whole, through several linked projects. “The vast area of expertise that our team brings (e.g. Civil Engineers with Solar Energy projects experience, Accountants, Business Consultants, IT Experts, Marketing and AgriFood professionals) contributes to successful project completion,  ensuring financial sustainability for all our involved shareholders.  They will benefit financially but also ethically as solidarity economy and cooperative structures principles are playing an active role in shaping a better future for all!”


It is a pilot project and they aim to create many more like this in their region. “We want to tackle energy poverty issues in mountainous areas in Central Greece that have been facing  energy efficiency issues for many years now and until this point, there are no sustainable solutions provided. We want to actively link with the Agrifood sector that produces a large part of the regional income by providing solutions on limiting energy costs and increasing viable profit, which will finally improve the local farmers overall wellbeing. Last but not least,already 50% of our board members are women. We want to empower women to take active part in leadership roles in this field!”

The permit process will soon be completed by the Atlas Citizens Energy Community project. The goal is to initiate grid applications in early 2021. With your help it will be implemented next year and their vision will spread across the region!

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