The solution to fight the energy shortages caused by the Ukraine war


At Genervest, we are fully aware of the many unforeseen consequences of the devastating conflict in Ukraine that go beyond what any of us could have had imagined.

After only the first two weeks of Russia’s invasion, prices of oil, coal and gas went up by around 40%, 130% and 180% respectively. Crude prices are expected to moderate to $92 in 2023—well above the five-year average of $60 a barrel1.

It is time to realize that transitioning towards a renewable energy future is necessary and we need to accelerate the process to break free from polluting, expensive fossil fuels. Solar energy is key to fight the energy crisis cause by the Ukraine conflict.

Solar photovoltaic energy is free and unlimited, can be obtained daily and sunlight is available to everyone, whether it is connected to the electricity grid (Interconnected Photovoltaic System) or without the need to connect (Isolated Photovoltaic Systems).

Solar energy systems do not require very complex maintenance. Solar panels can last up to 20 years in perfect condition. Therefore, solar panel installations are durable and reliable in harsh weather conditions. From sunrise to sunset, the system generates electricity and there are energy storage batteries to be used when the solar conditions aren’t optimal. Solar energy can be considered sustainable because it is renewable, reusable, derived from non-depleting resources and does not harm the ecosystem. Future generations will truly appreciate the implementation of clean energy production solutions that don’t destroy our planet2.

At Genervest, we give people the opportunity to apply to become the beneficiaries of solar panel installation programs, but, also, we offer everyone the chance to invest in those programs and earn market-rate returns.

All our projects are powered by Greenpece Greece and completely safe investments! Visit our platform to learn about our open ethical investment opportunities and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for further details, our team of experts will gladly assist you in both processes

Let’s fight climate change together!